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Medical Alert System Plans

ARVI - Red
ARVI - Blue
$ 29/mo
$ 49/mo
Covers upto 2 seniors
Device & Installation
At-home Medical Alert system
On-site installation & training
Periodic on-site maintenance
Hardware repair & replacement guarantee
Services include
24/7 call support services
Auto-alerts to friends and family
Emergency ambulance with on-board paramedic
Emergency doctor hotline
Unlimited doctor-on-call
At-home pharmacy with zero delivery charge
At-home comprehensive health checkups
Dedicated health manager on-call
3 Lakh accidental medical insurance per person



Is it a monthly subscription?
Yes. Your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis. You can cancel the subscription at any time if you don't like our service
What cities are covered under the service?
We are currently present across all major cities in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. We will be expanding to other states in future
What is difference between Red and Blue plans?
Key differences between Red and Blue plan are:
  1. 'Blue' plan includes full body health checkup at home for upto 2 seniors every 6 months. Red does not have any checkups
  2. 'Blue' plan comes with a 3 Lakh accidental medical insurance per person (covers maximum of 2 people). Red does not have any insurance coverage
  3. 'Blue' plan comes with a dedicated health manager who tracks vitals of seniors and sends regular reminders to family members
What is your cancellation policy?
Full-refund minus the cost of device installation and health checkups (if any) will be made if cancelled in first 30 days. After initial 30-days, cancellation would incur the full month fees without any refund

Medical Alert System

What does the medical alert system contain?
System contains:
  1. 1 Smart hub with an embedded SIM card
  2. 4 RED buttons (for emergency SOS) and 1 GREEN button (for non-emergencies)
  3. Batteries with an average 1 year usage
  4. An emergency manual covering all emergencies for seniors, symptoms & what-to-do
Who installs these devices?
Our technician visits home to install our device and give a demo of the service.
How does the smart alert system work?
Each medical alert system consists of a 'smart hub' and 'push buttons'. Each system has multiple 'RED' push buttons for emergency scenarios and one 'GREEN' push button for non-emergency scenario.
System is installed centrally in a house and push buttons are installed at all critical locations to enable easy and instant access. Once a button is pressed, central hub gets activated and sends an alert to our dedicated 24/7 medical support team.
Our support team calls on a registered number to provide assistance. Incase of no response, our team automatically dispatches the nearest ambulance for assistance.
Is a call support available 24/7 ?
Absolutely. We take pride in calling ourselves the most reliable, responsive medical support service dedicated to the needs of senior citizens. Our team is available anytime, anyday of the year
Do I need to charge the device?
No. Devices come with in-built batteries that are designed to power the system upto 1 year (assuming normal usage)
Is there any training given during installation?
Yes. Our technician provides a demo of the device at the time of installation. Additionally our call-support team will explain the service in detail and conduct a mock-drill from time to time
How many family members can be alerted during emergencies?
We can register upto 3 relatives/friends who will get automatic mobile alerts when a senior pushes the emergency button
Does the device work if I am outside the house?
No. Device works only when the buttons are within vicinity of the smart hub. Our service is meant to make home-care easy for seniors
What if one of the buttons or device stops working?
Keeping all our devices healthy and active is fundamental to the quality of our service. When it comes to senior healthcare we absolutely don't take any chances.
We remotely track all our devices at regular intervals. Our technology team gets an automatic alert when a particular device is not working or is running low on battery - we immediately send our technician to check the device and do the necessary repair/replacement.
What is the downtime for the service?
Zero. Smart hub and push-buttons run on batteries that don't need any replacement for atleast a year. Our technical team monitors the device remotely and via physical inspections on a regular basis.
How often do you do on-site servicing?
On-site servicing is included in both Red and Blue plans. This is typically done once every six months at no additional cost
Is there a repair and replacement guarantee?
Both plans come with a repair and replacement guarantee. We offer complete protection from any physical (fall, accidents etc) or wear-and-tear related damages to the device at no extra cost


I have my brother staying close to my parents. Do I still need this?
Yes. For a simple reason - emergencies cannot be planned in advance. Your brother might be traveling at the time of an emergency. Investing in a backup support system for your parents makes absolute sense in our opinion
How can I trust your service?
That's simple. Just subscribe to our plans and push the 'assist' buttons anytime of the day (or night). Our support team will always be on standby to provide medical assistance to seniors
My parents are not tech savvy. Will they be able to use your service?
Absolutely. The beauty of our service is that it is super easy to use. We wanted to make sure that every kind of medical assistance is available to senior citizens at a push of button.