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Senior healthcare is confusing. We've got answers.


Is it a monthly subscription?
Yes. Your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis. You can cancel the subscription at any time if you don't like our service
What cities are covered under the service?
We are currently present across all major cities in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. We will be expanding to other states in future.
What is cancellation policy?
Full-refund minus the cost of device installation and health checkups (if any) will be made if cancelled in first 30 days. After initial 30-days, cancellation would incur the full month fees without any refund
How do I make a complaint?
Please write to us at support@arvi.in or call us at 040-4821 4621. We will instantly record your complaint and revert within 1 business day.

Medical Alert System

How does the smart alert system work?
Each medical alert system consists of a 'smart hub' and 'push buttons'. Each system has multiple 'RED' push buttons for emergency scenarios and one 'GREEN' push button for non-emergency scenario. System is installed centrally in a house and push buttons are installed at all critical locations to enable easy and instant access. Once a push button is pressed, the central hub gets activated and sends a call to our dedicated 24/7 medical support team. Our support team calls on a registered number to provide assistance. Incase of no response, our team automatically dispatches the nearest ambulance for assistance.
What does the system contain?
System contains:
  1. 1 Smart hub with an embedded SIM card
  2. 3 RED buttons (for emergency SOS) and 1 GREEN button (for non-emergencies)
  3. Batteries with an average 1 year usage
  4. An emergency manual covering all emergencies for seniors, symptoms & what-to-do
Who installs the devices?
Our technician visits home to install our device and explain the service to your parent. Our support team also visits every 6 months for maintenance check.
Is the call support available 24/7 ?
Absolutely. We pride in calling ourselves the most reliable, responsive medical support service dedicated to the needs of senior citizens. Our team is available anytime, anyday of the year
How can I trust your service?
That's simple. Just subscribe to Arvi plans and get your parents to call us anytime of the day. If you find us unresponsive or untrustworthy, just give us a call and we'll refund the entire amount you'vr paid us.
My parents are not tech savvy. Will they be able to use your service?
Absolutely. The beauty of our service is that it is super easy to use. We wanted to make sure that every kind of medical assistance is available to your parent at a push of button. We did a lot of research to create a service that is truly senior citizen friendly. No app installation, no learning, no technology - simple but super effective!
Is there any training given to my parents?
Yes. Our technician runs your parent through a mock trial of the device. Additionally our call-support team will explain the service in detail and conduct a mock-drill with your parents from time to time.
What if the device breaks or stops working?
Just give a call to our support team and we will send our technician to replace/repair damaged devices at no additional cost
What is the downtime for the service?
Zero. Smart hub and push-buttons run on batteries that don't need any replacement for atleast a year. Our technical team monitors the health of the device remotely and via physical inspections on a regular basis. Wearables have a low standby time and people tend to remove them regularly. We have actively chosen a non-wearable, non-intrusive technology to ensure easy, reliable medical support with zero downtime.
What if one of the device stops working?
Keeping all our devices healthy and active is fundamental to the quality of our service. When it comes to healthcare we absolutely don't take any chances. We remotely track the health our all our devices and push buttons at regular intervals. Our technology team alerts our operations team if a particular device is not working or is low on battery - we immediately send our technician to check the device and do the necessary repair/replacement.
I have my brother staying close to my parents. Do I still need this?
Yes. For a simple reason - emergencies cannot be planned in advance. Your brother might be traveling at the time of an emergency. Investing in a backup support system for your parents makes absolute sense in our opinion.


What kind of situations are handled by your team?
As first responders, we respond to all medical needs of seniors. Emergency ambulance services, scheduling an on-call appointment with doctor, arranging diagnostic checks at-home, delivering medicines at-home are some of the common requests that our team responds to
How do you separate emergency & non-emergency scenarios?
We have 2 different push buttons - Red & Green. Red button is installed at all critical locations for alerting our support team for emergencies. A 'RED' alert is a top priority for our support team. Green button is installed at single location inside a home to handle non-emergency scenarios. A non-emergency scenario could be a request to speak with a doctor on call, a pharmacy refill or a diagnostic/lab test.
How does emergency response work?
When a senior pushes a 'RED' button, an alarm gets activated in the smart hub that alerts immediate neighbors. Additionally, an automatic alert and call goes to a list of 4 pre-registered mobile numbers (our support team takes these numbers during installation). Our support team instantly calls the affected senior on his/her registered number. If our call goes unanswered, we instantly dispatch an ambulance to a designated home address. If our call is answered, we immediately activate an emergency doctor hotline to talk to the affected senior for providing immediate medical assistance.
What is a turnaround time for ambulance?
We aim to dispatch an ambulance with a paramedic within 30 minutes of raising an alert. We work with a network of private ambulance providers and hospital ambulance services to ensure 100% availability. Exact turnaround time is a function of traffic, location and local situation (festivals, restrictions etc)
How is ambulance service different from something I can find on Google?
We are more organized & efficient than available services. Here are 3 ways we are better
  1. We have institutional tie-ups with ambulance providers with certain performance guarantees. Our reliability will be better.
    We note pre-existing medical conditions and preferred hospitals of seniors in advance. This helps us guide the emergency ambulance services to provide better support
  2. We alert pre-approved list of relatives and neighbours automatically so that they immediately reach out for help
  3. We already know the exact location of distress call. We send the GPS coordinates to the nearest ambulance and save invaluable time.
What does the insurance cover?
Insurance covers all hospitalization expenses related to accidental injuries. Situations common among seniors like falls, fractures and other injuries caused due to accident will be covered under the plan. Our plan does not have any restrictions due to pre-existing medical conditions as long as the hospitalization was due to an accident. Please note that hospitalization due to medical conditions (stroke, heart attack, cancer) will not be covered under this plan.
Who is your insurance partner?
We have partnered with Aditya Birla Health Insurance to provide an accidental medical insurance for seniors who are part of our service. Insurance is embedded into the subscription
What is the term of insurance?
Insurance is tied to the subscription and will be active so long as the subscription is active.
How does Doctor-on-Call work?
When a senior pushes a green button and complains of a minor health complication, our support team takes down the request and arranges for a doctor-on-call within 60 minutes of the request. Summary of the doctor recommendations and digital prescription are shared with the senior after the call is completed.
Do you have doctors on your network?
Yes. Apart from our in-house team of doctors, we have access to 350 doctors across multiple specialities.
Can my parent press a button and get diagnostic tests at home?
Absolutely. When a senior pushes a green button and requests for a health checkup, our support team suggests various packages based on their existing medical condition.
We then arrange for a certified phlebotomist to visit home and collect samples. We process the samples via our diagnostic partner and send a physical and digital copy of the final test results. Please note that the cost of such diagnostic tests is not included in the RED plan.
How does home delivery of medicines work?
When a senior pushes a green button and requests for a pharmacy refill, our support team takes down the request and photo of prescription. We then arrange for a home-delivery of medicines via our pharmacy partner with 24-48 hours depending on the location.
Is home delivery of medicines included in the price?
Yes. There are no additional charges for home-delivery of medicines. Price of actual medicines itself is not included.
Is there a discount on medicines ordered through ARVI?
Yes. We offer a 20% discount on medicines ordered through ARVI with a free home delivery option
How do we pay for medicines?
We accept cash-on-delivery of medicines.