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Unmanned, Contactless Thermal Scanning Kiosks

Faster. Safer. Simpler & Cheaper way of screening walk-ins.
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Fully contactless experience

Give a safe & easy screening experience to all your walk-ins, be it employees, customers, guests etc.

Maximum Social distancing

Walk-ins can stand 10-12 inch from kiosk. Security personnel can monitor from a safe 10-15 feet distance

1.5X faster than manual screening

Screens 500 people per hour. Lesser waiting time = Lesser queues = lesser risk

AI powered facial recognition

Kiosks are powered by smart facial recognition algorithms to detect face masks

Auto Hand Sanitizer spray

Our smart embedded spray reduces sanitizer wastage by upto 70%

Save on manpower costs

Reduce manpower on screening. Each kiosk breaks-even in 2-3 months.

Faster. Safer. Simpler screening

Better screening experience without compromising safety of walk-ins.
  • Be safe!
    Compliant with social distancing
  • 1.5X faster
    Lesser wait times
  • Reduces manpower
    Completely unmanned & automatic
  • Upto 70% less sanitizer
    Stops unnecessary wastage
Life saving emergency alert system