Shift Management
How companies manage shift roster for attendance

Every organization, big or small, wants to keep a track of employee work hours, specially companies that operate on shifts. In this article, we go through all the aspects of managing shifts and assigning shift roster. Time tracking and attendance management is one of the primary responsibilities of HR teams. Companies monitor time spent by

Upload employee data
5 simple steps to setup attendance management solu...

Setting up facial recognition based attendance management solution takes under 30 minutes. Here's how.

Overtime and Late policies for attendance manageme...

We explore why and how companies manage overtime and late attendance policies for employees.

What is face recognition based attendance?

Face recognition based attendance is an AI based touchless solution that is faster, safer and simpler than traditional attendance management solutions.

Arvi selfie-checkin attendance management
Why workplaces are looking beyond biometric attend...

In the post Covid workplace, companies are looking at attendance management solutions beyond Biometric and RFID based systems. Here's why..

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