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Hi, we're arvi.

We created Arvi to make healthcare for senior citizens easy and reliable

India is home to over 100 million senior citizens and this figure is expected to grow to 350 million by 2050. Indian families are turning nuclear and a large segment of millennials have been migrating from their hometowns in search of better opportunities. As a result, senior citizens are increasingly managing day-to-day healthcare needs all by themselves.
From managing emergencies to doctor appointments to insurance to diagnostics, senior healthcare is usually a complex and frustrating experience. Low technology adoption rates among senior citizens and a highly fragmented and unreliable service providers make the problem even more challenging. Arvi's story began in July 2019 with a singular mission to make senior care simple, reliable and easily accessible.

Arvi makes healthcare for seniors simple, reliable and easily accessible

Since then, Arvi has been focused on leveraging technology to bring simple yet effective solutions to address the challenges of senior healthcare in India. As a first step, Arvi has designed India's #1 medical alert system exclusively focusing on the needs of senior citizens. Our technology, support and operations teams are working continuously to provide quality healthcare services to seniors at a simple push of a button.
Although Arvi can’t fix every problem in the senior healthcare space, we are committed to bring compassion, consistency and quality in every service we offer on our platform. Whenever in doubt, we ask ourselves a single question: "Would I do this if it was my parent?". If the answer is a definitive 'yes', we go ahead and offer that service to our seniors.
Our vision
To become the most trusted brand for senior healthy living
Our values
The core values that drive every single member of #TeamArvi are:
Compassion: Engage everyone with patience and a kind heart;
Innovation: Look for technology driven solutions at every step;
Speed: Be the first, be the fastest;
Quality: What we do, we do well;
Impact: Do stuff that really makes a difference
How we are different
Our technology-first approach
We realize that massive challenges in seniorcare industry can only be solved by technology. A technology first approach makes us look for solutions that are reliable and consistent.
Keeep seniors at the center of everything
We realize that seniors have unique needs and expectations. Our highest priority is to make things super simple for seniors
We partner with high-value providers.
Having more care options is great. But quality matters too. We don't blink an eye before choosing quality over profitability.
Our team
Our core team has one thing in common – all of us have stayed away from our parents for extended period of time and have experienced the pain of remotely managing their healthcare.
We are a team of mission-driven individuals from the halls of technology, data science & health care with a common passion of transforming senior healthcare in India.
Sushant Reddy
MBA, Columbia Business School, B Tech, IIT Bombay
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Avinash Lavangal
MS, London School of Economics B Tech, JNTU
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Mandar Zope
M.Tech/B.Tech, IIT Bombay
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