Contactless attendance with integrated Covid19 screening

Contactless attendance with integrated Covid19 screening

Face recognition based attendance & visitor management solution with temperature, oxygen and pulse screening, cloud storage, intuitive dashboards & EXCEL reports

Employee Attendance | Cloud storage | Interactive Dashboards | Downloadable Reports

  1.  Employee check-in/check-out capture
  2. Integrated thermal screening
  3. Configurable overtime, leave and late policies
  4. Downloadable EXCEL reports
  5. Cloud data storage upto 2 years
  6. Web based dashboards

Employee Attendance | Visitor Management | QR Code | Access Control | Thermal, Scanning with Automatic Sanitizer

  1.  Employee check-in/check-out capture
  2. Integrated thermal screenin & auto hand sanitizer
  3. QR code scanner with Arogya Setu integration
  4. Configurable shift, overtime, leave and late policies
  5. Downloadable EXCEL reports
  6. Integration with Access Control
  7. Cloud data storage upto 2 years
  8. Web based dashboards

Employee Attendance | Visitor Management | QR Code | Access Control | Thermal, Pulse & Oxygen Scanning with Automatic Sanitizer

  1.  Employee check-in/check-out capture
  2. Integrated thermal, pulse & oxygen screening
  3. Auto hand sanitizer with gate pass printer
  4. QR code scanner with Arogya Setu integration
  5. Configurable shift, overtime, leave and late policies
  6. Downloadable EXCEL reports
  7. Integration with Access Control
  8. Cloud data storage upto 2 years
  9. Web based dashboards
  10.  API and web-hook support

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS Model)

Our terminals & cloud based attendance and visitor management solution are offered in an annual subscription model.


Lite (TX-66)

TX-66 terminal

Professional Plan

TX-77 terminal

Enterprise Plan

TX-99 terminal

Thermal screening
Attendance reports
Data Export to EXCEL
Cloud Storage of data
Shift Roster Planning
Visitor Management
QR Code Scanner
Arogya Setu integration
Access control
Automatic Sanitiser
Oxygen & Pulse scan
Gate pass Printer
API & Webhook support
Mobile app attendance

Cloud based reporting is just a button click away

Easy drill down reports on shift wise attendance, late & overtime estimates and much more.



Arvi provides a massive upgrade to legacy biometric solutions. Here's why.

Safe & seamless

Safe & seamless

Face recognition based contactless screening

1-click reporting

1-click reporting

Single click reports save 100's of man-hours

Anywhere access

Anywhere access

All data is stored on cloud & can be accessed from any location



Get superior service & customer support in PaaS model

Our Clients

Arvi smart kiosks are trusted by some of the esteemed clients, both private and government institutions. Some of our major clients include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Current biometric attendance solutions are usually sold as a one-time hardware. Seller has no incentive to service the hardware and software in a one-time purchase model.

Arvi offers easy subscription plans that helps us provide continuous onsite & remote support to our clients & best-in-class support. 

We don't usually do a one-time purchase model unless it is a large, enterprise customer or a government institution. Please do get in touch with our sales team to discuss this in further detail.

In the current Covid situation, contact based attendance is very risky. No amount of sanitization can completely eliminate the risk of infection from a contact based biometric system.

Even otherwise, existing biometric systems have poor hardware and software support. These systems don't integrate with HR systems and involve huge resources to collate and analyse attendance data. 

Arvi provides a safe, seamless and simple way to manage entire attendance of organization. 


Yes. Please reach out to us at or call us at 040-4821 4621 and our sales team will help you configure our solution as per your requirement

Arvi contactless attendance solution generates a variety of reports including employee muster, shift-wise check-in/check-out , overtime and work-hours, late attendance etc. All reports are cloud based and instantly downloadable in EXCEL format

Absolutely. Arvi attendance solution provides REST APIs that can push data from our servers to a third party application. Our customers can use these APIs to get all punch-in/punch-out data along with reports.

Current system only provides attendance specific data & reports. We  have integrated Arvi attendance solution with a number of HR solutions that provide complete payroll services. Please get in touch with our sales team for more information on this.

Yes. Please let us know the exact requirements and we can provide a customized solution that fits exactly to that requirement.

We provide a smart tablet to our customers for onboarding a visitor. On approval, a visitor is registered in the system. 

Once a registered user is scanned by smart kiosk, an entry is created in cloud system & a physical(virtual) gate pass is generated by kiosk.


Screening time depends on the model chosen by customer.

TX-66 includes attendance and temperature measurement and takes under 2 seconds. TX-77 also includes sanitization and takes 5 seconds per screening. TX-99 also includes oxygen and pulse screening and takes 25-30 seconds per screening.

Yes. Arvi is built on an open hardware architecture and can be integrated with a variety of RFID based access control systems such as flap barriers, turnstiles, magnetic doors etc. Only when Arvi kiosk generates a valid screening will a walk-in be able to pass through access control system.

Arvi TX-99 terminal comes with mobile app support for android devices. You can ask field sales team to download Arvi attendance application.

An employee can screen herself in a selfie mode from a remote location and Arvi app uses facial recognition algorithms to mark attendance along with GPS location.

We currently have our sales and support teams active across all major metropolitan cities. Please reach out to our sales team if you are from other locations

We only reserve customizations for large enterprise customers. If you have any specific request, please get in touch with our sale team

Currently, we don't have an active presence outside India. However we are open to alliances & partnerships with companies with a strong distribution network,

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Sushant Reddy

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